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I'm Logan Bennett, the creative spark behind Burning Frost Studios, and am proudly based in Rogers, Arkansas. I am a passionate photographer with a special touch in making every shot memorable and unique.

The magic of my work lies in capturing moments that matter and creating timeless pieces of art. Every click of my shutter is backed by my creative spirit, technical expertise, and love for the craft, resulting in images that are sharp, well-lit, and filled with detail. My specialty lies in special effects photography – transforming the ordinary into extraordinary, with the power of a lens and a little bit of digital wizardry.

My journey in photography started as a personal hobby. Soon, the creative joy of capturing and preserving moments became a passion, leading me to establish Burning Frost Studios. Today, I offer a range of services from portraits, family shoots, maternity, boudoir, composite, event, and sports photography. My work doesn't stop with taking pictures; I also provide digital copies, prints, and other photo-related services.

With a blend of natural talent, technical proficiency, and boundless creativity, I have worked my way up to becoming the lead photographer for Southern Sass Publications and the official photographer for VXV Events, covering high-profile events like Comic Con, AnimeFest, and more.

At Burning Frost Studios, every image is crafted with an obsession for perfection and a love for creativity. My goal is to freeze time and ignite your imagination with each frame. I aim to provide not just photographs, but memories that can be cherished for generations.

When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me spending time with my children, friends, indulging in my newfound hobby of metalworking, fueling my creativity in different ways, or letting loose on the drums, channeling my energy into rhythmic beats.

Thank you for visiting Burning Frost Studios. I look forward to capturing your special moments and turning them into lasting memories.

– Logan Bennett


“After reviewing Logan's work, I chose him to do my granddaughters 6 month photo shoot. He was gracious enough to come to my parents house. I saw the opportunity to get shots of my parents, daughter and grandbaby. Do I need to tell you the amount of patience it took to shoot four women, 6 months to 82 years old? He did above and beyond what I anticipated. He captured everyone's personality on point.”

“Logan Bennett does amazing work with his photos. He puts a lot of passion into each session he does. I will not go to anyone else except him. Please look at his work and make him your forever photographer.”

“He just did our wedding in June and yes it was very hot outside. He was professional and patient. He did an amazing job and very reasonably priced. He took pictures we didn't even know he was taking and they are some of the best. Thank you again and job well done.”

“My favorite was a recreation of a picture of my daughter with my granddaughter in the same dress, same pose. Highly recommend this photographer! If you don't believe me, go look at his handiwork on my page.”

“Logan is so amazing!! He came an did my family Christmas shoot as well as my best friend's maternity pictures very recently and all photos are beyond amazing!! I recommend Logan to anyone in the area!!”

“I got to meet up with Logan when he first started getting things going. I have four little boys and most know it's hard to get kids' pictures while in motion. Logan did a great job. He was patient and fun. His work has progressed even further since I first went with him. Thanks Logan! Keep up the great work!”

“Logan has a certain flair that makes his photos very unique and fun.”

“I was very impressed with Logan's work. He is a true artist. My whole family loved working with him, even Kendall who doesn't much like having his picture taken. So many compliments on our pictures as well. Thank you Logan for all the hard work you put into your passion. It shows.”

“Just sent out my christmas cards and i am sooo pleased with our family pictures. Logan did a fantastic job! Thanks again!!”

“Logan is not only an incredible photographer but a great guy and 100% enthusiastic about his work. He is the best photographer we have ever worked with, and we hope to continue our relationship for years to come.”

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